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Victoria Quay has already completed two sessions of the ‘No Parents Left Behind” Indigenous Speechcraft Training. What a fantastic experience for those members of Victoria Quay who have been attending and assisted.  We have averaged eight Speechcraft participants per session which is being conducted at the Edmund Rice Centre in Fremantle.

What fantastic people we have attending.  I and the other members of the Victoria Quay team have learnt so much from the speeches and stories of these outstanding people already.  To hear stories of their lives, history and aboriginal culture first hand is amazing.  Their stories are told simply but with this simplicity comes power, a real lesson for all.  It is a fun relaxed group and we are always able to have a laugh through the sessions.

As a matter of fact the group has liked the training so much we have other people wanting to join this session however we have had to hold it at 11 participants. Our latest  participant, Vincent, is a year nine sight impaired student who stood up during impromptu speeches, spoke about his dogs and then backed it up with an impromptu ice breaker on his life story. An inspirational and impressive young man.  Some of the attending ladies spoke of  their lives growing up in large families and the difficulties they faced during these times while others told us of exciting things they have done.  The participants have provided  some of the best Icebreaker Speeches we have heard and everyone is looking forward to their next speeches.

Stephanie Riley, a truly amazing  young lady herself,  has put together the ‘No Parents Left Behind’ program which Speechcraft is a small part of.    Thank you to Heljo, David, Glenis, Christine, Marianne, Judith, Andrew and Greg who have been able to assist.  I am sure they will all tell you they are richer for the experience.

More to follow later.



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  1. Avatar for Greg Lynn Greg Lynn on June 28, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I am really impressed at the Indigenous people who chose to take part in the program. It is clear they have taken on some big obstacles and build their self-confidence and communication skills, and they have great stories to tell. I hope to see them in future at Toastmasters.

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