Humorous Contest 2007

We had three excellent Humorous Speeches at the Contest on September 5.

Glenis was Contest Chair, and the Judges comprised all Club Members not taking part in the Contest. David presented a Workshop on how to Judge.

Heljo told us of her sporting career, starting with her failed attempt to play tennis in the style of her ballet training. She looked graceful but couldn’t hit the ball. Sport was a disaster for her until she became an Aerobics Trainer and as a Trainer she is a great success, because she can tell people what to do, without having to do it herself.

Nicky gave us a powerful reason to remember April 6, 1946. That was the day she married Bill in Kenya. It was a tally of disasters, failures, interrupting phone calls and a final triumphant “I do!” just before the Commanding Officer conducting the ceremony had to rush off to more important business. Getting married was a rocky process, but the marriage was a great success.

Claire had a passionate dialogue with “Her”. She started with a confession – she has been deceiving us all this time, but now she can’t keep it secret any longer. Behind the screen was “Her”, her sixty odd year old companion. She went behind the screen, and confirming predictions “Her”emerged and delivered a vitriolic attack on Claire, as she lived out her anti-social behaviour.

And the winner was

Claire with “Her”


  1. Avatar for Colin Simons Colin Simons on September 7, 2007 at 8:40 am

    Looks like I missed another evening of good entertainment! Having listened to all the contestants before, I can well imagine the quality of speechmaking and humour. Would have been a very difficult task for the judges.

  2. Avatar for david david on September 7, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    All the speeches were good, Colin. Probably Claire got her edge by her innovative way of presenting the conflict between herself and her 60s year old alter ego.

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