Great Meeting – 779, 13 Apr 2011

Well this meeting was so good it demanded to have a report.  What a fantastic night, everyone was firing on all cylinders. An oddly unsettling start for the evening with a few things in disarray, unlike Victoria Quay.  However a great opening  from three of our members to get the tone of the evening ticking along nicely.  from Tim with his Inspiration on his Daughter breaking her arm, Table Topics from Glenis on childhood memories and Gwenda with her tonic on where she was when she learnt JFK had been assassinated.

Then we entered project speech territory.  Wow what four great speeches and what a spread of topics.  First we had Christine Bonser who told us of the shortage of Technicians where she worked at a Truck sales business.  She put out a plea for help on how to attract and hold people within her business in the face of the mining, oil and gas boom here in WA.  She asked a question at the end and created a general discussion which proved her speech had impact.   Colin Hughes was the next one who stepped up front and gave a very informative but humorous speech on achieving the goals to reach the DTM Award.  His speech has inspired quite a few in the club to  achieve.

Richard Strickland gave us his speech titled Cougar.  A very funny speech on younger men and the older woman.  It appears Richard’s wife is a bit older than him and his very funny speech informed us of the benefits of being the younger man in the relationship.  One of my highlights, due to its oddness, was that Richard told us his wife, because she is the older woman, doesn’t mind talking to him about his Foot Fungus when he gets home.  Weird but funny.   David Nicholas (did I mention he just achieved his 6th DTM) gave us a very moving speech on pain both physical and emotional telling us of the time he lost his sister to illlness in 1954.

Everyone else performed their jobs with skill and commitment which made it just one of those special evenings that just comes together on the night.  Good work from everyone.

Well done everyone.


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