February Club Contests

What you need to know

The Contest Schedule

1.  Club Contests – at Victoria Quay on February 17th (Evaluation) and 24th (International)

2.  Area W21 Contests at Gateway (Fremantle Bowling Club) on Tuesday, March 16th

3.  Western Division Contests at Fremantle Bowing Club on Sunday afternoon, March 28th

4.  District 73 Contests at Creswick, Victoria from Friday May 15th-Sunday May 17th

Advice for Contestants – the Evaluation Contest

All Club Members are eligible, except those who are District Officers – David, Mark, Peter and Tony.  We will have a speaker from another club who will be evaluated by the contestants in a 3 minute evaluation.  The contest will be judged by our members who are not contestants.  There will be a workshop about judging.

The Evaluation is for 3 minutes, not 2.

Use the CRC format – Commend / Recommend / Commend.

Include a Summary at the end – a brief restatement of your key points.

Pay careful attention to your Recommendations
use a What Why How Show format
identify clearly the Recommendation ( What), state why it is important ( Why), explain how to do it (How) and demonstrate it (Show)

Advice for Contestants – the International Contest

To enter this contestants must have completed at least 6 speeches from the Competent Communicator Manual. The contest will be judged by our members who are not contestants  after a workshop about judging.

Be Inspirational International Contest speeches should have an inspirational message which is relevant and significant to the audience..

Get laughs – It’s important to start with an arresting opening and to get a laugh in the first minute or so.  It isn’t a Humorous Speech, but winners always embroider the serious message with a lot of fun.

Work on the conclusion – The speech needs a strong conclusion which includes some kind of reacapitulation summary of the main point.

If all this sounds daunting, that’s why you need to enter our club contest and start working to get to the world final.  Our member, Cliff Boer, got there.

If you would like any further help or advice ring me

David Nicholas
9457 6468

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