David Nicholas for Southern Division Governor

David Nicholas DTM is standing for Southern Division Governor

David NicholasDavid Nicholas DTM

Clubs in our District 17 are organised into Areas and Divisions. There are 3 Divisions – Central with 4 Areas, Northern with 4 Areas and Southern with 5 Areas.

The 3 Division Governors for next year, July 2012 to June 2013, will be elected at the District 17 Council Meeting being held at the The Vines Resort, Verdelho Drive, on Saturday afternoon, May 26, 2012. I have nominated for Southern Division Governor.

Eligible voters – I want you to vote for me

Eligible voters are the Presidents and Vice Presidents Education or their nominated Proxies of our 62 Clubs, and the 20 current District Officers. I am asking voters present at the Council Meeting to vote for me because

  • I have vision and drive which will benefit members, clubs and areas in Southern Division along with the whole District.
  • I have successful experience Club Officer, Area Governor and Division Governor
  • I am committed to active service for Toastmasters clubs and members,

Vision and Drive

It has been my vision during our time in District 73 that one day we would have our own District in WA.  For that to occur we needed many more clubs and with considerable help from other enthusiastic members I have set up 20 new clubs in WA.  Now that we are in our first year as our own WA District 17 I envisage us becoming much stronger in the Perth Metro Area and in the country.  Division Governor is a key role which will give me the opportunity to help build the strength of Southern Division and District 17.


During my 17 years in Toastmasters I have held all Officer positions several times when we were in District 73. I have been an Area Governor 3 times, each time achieving the highest award of Presidents Distinguished.  I have been the District 73 Area Governor of the Year. I have been a Division Governor 3 times, each time Presidents Distinguished.  I have been the District 73 Division Governor of the Year.

I have 6 DTM awards – Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest member awards.


I am an Officer in each of 9 Toastmaster Clubs in WA, 5 of which are in Southern Division. I am an officer in clubs in 4 of the 5 Areas in Southern Division so I have hands on experience of the following clubs across the Division, showing my strong commitment to Toastmasters

  • S31: Armadale Vice President Membership and Treasurer
  • S32: Victoria Quay Vice President Membership
  • S32: Netmasters Vice President Education and Vice President Public Relations
  • S33: Western Founders Vice President Public Relations and Treasurer
  • S35: WA Governors Vice President Public Relations

As well, I am the District Webmaster. I maintain a weekly service for Club and District Officers which summarises current Toastmaster International reports of Member Awards, Distinguished Club Awards and Division and Area Governor Awards.

I have the vision and drive, the successful experience and the commitment to fill the role of Southern Division Governor with distinction to the benefit of the members and clubs in the Division.

If you have any queries you can email me or phone me on 0401 011 212

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