Citizenship Ceremony

Victoria Quay Member chairs the event

Peter Carrie
Peter Carrie

Peter Carrie joined Victoria Quay in July this year immediately after he had completed a Speechcraft Course.  Peter has a supervisory role at the City of Melville which requires him to run training courses for staff.  Like so many people, Peter is very competent at his job, but felt nervous and not very competent when he addressed groups.

Speechcraft and then a Toastmasters Club

So he did the sensible thing – enrolled for a Speechcraft course I was coordinating.  He was one of 5 Speechcrafters in that course who decided to take our advice and continue the training on a longer term basis through joining a club.

Toastmaster at Victoria Quay on October 17, 2012

Peter Law is Vice President Education at Victoria Quay and was part of the Speechcraft Team.  He arranged for Peter (Carrie of course) to be Toastmaster to practise the master of ceremonies role.  Read a brief story about the result.

Friday Night, October 19, 2012

Hi David and Peter … just thought I would drop you a line to tell you that the citizenship ceremony went really well at the City of Melville last night and all thanks to Toastmasters!

There were 54 people naturalised and it was a vey special and enjoyable experience to be part of it – albeit some of the names were quite challenging ! I received a number of compliments from the Mayor and others present on my presentation.  It was very gratifying.

The opportunity to be the Toastmaster at Victoria Quay on Wednesday night was a great dry run to lead into the duty officer role.  I am actually starting to enjoy the role of public speaking now.  That is a real change from 6 months ago.

I will fill you in on some of the lighter moments of the ceremony next Wednesday.

Peter Carrie
Coord Neighbourhood Amenity

City of Melville, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon, Western Australia 6154

Congratulations all around

This is a great success for Peter himself, for Speechcraft and for Victoria Quay.

There has been at least one other notable success from that Speechcraft course.

Jon Partridge

Jon Partridge
Jon Partridge CC

Jon joined two clubs in July – Victoria Park and Armadale. He has been working very hard on his skills and his Manuals. On Tuesday, October 9, he completed his CC Manual at Armadale and is now a Competent Communicator – another success for Jon, for Speechcraft and for Victoria Park and Armadale.




David Nicholas

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David Nicholas DTM
Victoria Quay Webmaster

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