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Antony’s Inspiration

Antony Svilicich delivered an inspirational speech at our 1,020th meeting on August 05, 2015.  It was Speech 10 in the Competent Communicator Manual, Inspire Your Audience

Antony Sivilich

Antony Svilicich

It was titled What is Inspiration?

He took us through his Bali visit in 2002, leading up to the moment at 11.08 pm when he was in the Sari Bar.  At the moment the bombs went off and soon after he was buried alive in debris but managed to crawl out, very badly burnt.

Today he is the Communications Manager of the Bali Peace Park Association.  You can get information about the Association on their website

Antony’s life was in the balance.  He was rushed to the airport and flown to Darwin Hospital.  The doctors there didn’t expect him to live, but he hung on and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital and admitted to the Burns Unit.  He was in an induced coma for 44 days during which he had three life saving operations.  He was fortunate to be in the care of Fiona Woods and a dedicated and skilful group of workers in the Unit.  Anthony’s inspiration to us was the full group of workers in the hospital.  As he said, “They made it possible for me to stand here tonight and deliver this speech to you.”


The Sari Site Carpark

The Sari Site Carpark

If you do a search on the net for Bali Bombing Memorials you will find they are scattered around the world.  There is a major memorial on the site of Paddy’s Pub.  There is a memorial in Kings Park.  There are many more around the world, but there is none over the road from Paddy’s Pub on the site of the Sari Club where Antony was that night.  Currently it is a Carpark.



Peace Park Concept

Peace Park Concept

The Association is raising funds to purchase the site and to build a Park which will further the cause of peace around the world. As well, there is a further important project in which Antony is very active.

Beyond Bali Education Package

This project is aimed to develop and produce an education resource for secondary school students (years 8/9) on the Bali bombings and the Bali Peace Park.  It is designed to help students build social resilience to violent extremism.

Currently, there is a Raffle in progress.  The Raffle will be drawn on Aug 16, so contact Antony to get your tickets.  His email is

Antony has entertained, informed and inspired us with each of the 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator award.

Congratulations, Antony Sivilich Competent Communicator

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  1. Avatar for Peter Carrie Peter Carrie on August 12, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    When I here the speeches that Antony gives about the Bali Bombings the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!
    I think Antony should enter this latest speech “What is Inspiration” in the International Speech Competition next year. It is a very moving speech and grabs the audiences attention.

    Congratulations Antony on the delivery of this speech to VQ members and guests on 5 August 2015.


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