Awards Criteria

Outstanding Members Awards

All members are eligible to receive either of two awards for service during the year. We expect many members to receive awards. The presentations will be made early in July, 2007. Points are awarded as outlined in the table below. You can check your progress in the current year at Club Awards

You can work towards the award of either:

  • Outstanding Member – see the requirements below
  • High Achieving Member – see the requirements below
Activity Points available Maximum 
Attendance at Meetings 1 pt per meeting
Club Officer 6 pts per 6 month term
Awards 10 pts each for CTM, ATM, CL, AL, DTM up to 3 awards
Speeches 1 pt each up to 10
Coordinator 6 pts each for 2 Speechcraft or Success Leadership projects
Workshops 2 pts each for 3 Successful Club and Better Speaker Series
Outside speeches 1 pt each up to 10 speeches
Sponsor new members 5 pts each up to 5 new members
Mentor role 2 pts each up to 2 mentees
Inter Club visits 1 pt each up to 3 roles e.g. judging, Speechcraft courses

Outstanding Member – at least 80 points, including at least one award registered for the Club, and at least 8 speeches delivered at the club or outside

High Achieving Member – at least 60 points, including at least one award registered for the club and at least 6 speeches delivered at the club or outside.

Many members will achieve the award. On average, members are likely to get about 6-8 speaking opportunities at club meetings during the year. There is a deliberate premium put on regular attendance and prolific speech deliveries.

Records will be kept as follows:

  • David Nicholas will maintain his regular updating of the Program records on the website, which shows attendance and roles for all Club meetings. Go to the Toastmasters VQ website and look at the Program link.
  • Members will need to provide records of outside activities to David.
  • David will maintain a webpage where you can view how you are going for the year. Go to Awards 2006/07