Alan’s DTM

Distinguished Toastmaster Alan Smith

Alan has had his second DTM awarded by Toastmasters International. Not just his first, but his second.

He has joined a select group of Toastmasters in District 73 – those with more than one DTM. There are 5 altogether

David Nicholas (5 times) Victoria Quay
Anna Riggs (3 times) – Anna is from Central Division in South Australia
Glenis Nicholas (2 times) Victoria Quay
Vivienne Triplett (2 times) – Vivienne is in Victoria
Alan Smith (2 times) Victoria Quay

Congratulations to Alan.

If you look at our Awards page, you will see that Alan has an extraordinary points total for just 3 meetings completed. That is because to have his DTM registered, he also registered his AC Gold and his AL Silver. That is 3 Awards registered for this club which translates into 30 points extra. He is well on the way to his Outstanding Member Award for this year. Alan has been an Outstanding Member for the first 3 years of the Award, and he looks certain to add to that.

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