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Two 20 Year Anniversaries this year

Of course, very year is important. However we have two very important Anniversaries in 2015.
The first is our very first meeting.
The second is our Charter date as Club 5769.

April 12 1995 to Apr 15 2015

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Some of our 1995 members came to our April 2015 celebration

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Some early members

Some early members

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Some of our 1995 members came to our April 2015 celebration

We held our first meeting in the CY O’Connor Centre on Victoria Quay on Wednesday evening, April 12, 1995.

We held our 1000th meeting at the Fremantle Bowling Club on Wednesday evening, April 15, 2015

So that was our first 20 Year Anniversary

It took us seven months to build up our membership to the magic 20, required for Charter as a Toastmaster Club. We sent the application – and the money of course – to World Headquarters in mid November. The Charter was granted on November 27, 2015.
VQCharter Certificate_951127


So this will be our second 20 Year Anniversary

November 1995 to November 2015

We have kept detailed records of

  • almost all our meetings
  • our Presidents and many of our Club Officers
  • our Outstanding Members
  • our Distinguished Toastmasters

These can be found on our website through the Program Menu

You can see a summary of our progress and success on the link on the front page of our website

About Victoria Quay

We will be celebrating our second 20 year Anniversary at our regular meeting, #1044, on Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015. During our 20 Year Toastmasters experience we have modified the standard Agenda in some drastic ways which have proved very successful. We welcome visitors – so if you would like to see what we do, contact David at the link below – or just turn up. Check the website for the best parking.

Victoria Quay Parking and meeting times

If you are interested, contact David Nicholas.

David Nicholas DTM
Netmasters VP Education