Robyn Lloyd, DTM

Most Recent DTM: December, 2012

Awarding Club: Swan

Total DTMs Awarded: 2

First DTM Awarded: October, 2011

Robyn Lloyd received her award on October 10, 2011. Robyn is a member of several clubs but lodged the award with Durack.


An old saying has it ‘that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Seems only yesterday I took that first single step, and visited my first Toastmaster meeting at Swan club in Midland. Lisa thank you for your persistent and yes I did fall in love with Toastmasters and with a passion!

I have taken many steps since then, steps that have taken me on an exciting and sometimes challenging but always rewarding journey of what is the Toastmasters pathway. A pathway travelling through the Programs in public speaking and leadership that ultimately lead to the recognition of achievement that is the DTM award.

There have been fellow Toastmasters walking alongside me through-out this journey, Judith, Lynne and others I have dragged with me, Martin and Bill always ready to help, David and Glenis with encouragement, Ian for wisdom and Gil for tradition. Thank you all and others I have not named.

Thank you to my Area Governors Central Division and District Executive and fellow Club members for your support in helping me stay excited, inspired and focussed.

I encourage, urge and challenge my fellow Toastmasters to ponder and reflect
‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ (Confucius)

Robyn Lloyd
Central Division Governor 2011-2012