Peter Law, DTM

Most Recent DTM: April, 2012

Awarding Club: Victoria Quay

Total DTMs Awarded: 1

Peter Law received his award on April 19, 2012. Peter is a member of several clubs but lodged his award through Victoria Quay.

I had no idea what Toastmasters was about when I attended a Victoria Quay meeting back in 2009. I thought Toastmasters was a bunch of stuffed shirts in dinner suits giving ‘jolly-old-speeches’ during dinner. Obviously I was wrong. I signed up for the Toastmaster journey on my second meeting, 1 Apr 2009, and have been on a rocket ever since to my DTM goal.

I made eye contact with David Nicholas three months into my journey and found myself as a very junior Area Governor. This was a jump-in-the-deep-end introduction to the greater Toastmaster organisation, but I learnt more from this experience than I would have on a more sedate track.

The thing I enjoy most about Toastmasters is the sense of confidence and achievement it builds in everyday people. Toastmasters has enhanced my professional and personal life and I have met some wonderful people on the way. I have had excellent mentors such as David and Glenis Nicholas and I was led to my DTM without realizing I was getting close as I wasn’t focused on it at all. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I achieved my first CC.

The highlight of my journey though has been the involvement in an indigenous Speechcraft course where I saw the power of the Toastmaster system at work building confidence in a group of our first Australians, a real eye opener and moving experience. I suspect that I am well and truly hooked and look forward to continuing with Toastmasters for years to come.