Ian Pickens DTM

Most Recent DTM: September, 2014

Awarding Club: City of Perth

Total DTMs Awarded: 2

First DTM Awarded: July, 2011

Ian Pickens received his award on July 1, 2011. Ian is a member of several clubs but lodged the award with Electric Toasters.

One night in early July 2003 my wife, Maree said “I want to go to a Toastmasters meeting”. To her shock my reply was “I will come too”. On the 7th July we visited City of Perth. I had to fess up I had heard about Toastmasters about 20 years earlier but did not attend a meeting because I did not like the idea or was scared by the thought of impromptu speaking, table topics, and evaluations.

I returned 2 weeks later and joined the City of Perth. Maree joined St Georges at the same time. City of Perth (COP) remains my home club for which I hold an over passionate and zealous desire to be successful.

Speeches and speaking in front of an audience was not a fear. That is until TM showed me how much I needed to learn and how poor my skills were. When I realised just how bad I was I did not want to front an audience or to get the feedback. I was very fortunate to have very experienced Toastmasters, Murray Jorgensen, Leith Cohoe, Jane Walker, and Michael McDermid, who encouraged and helped in so many ways. Add to this wealth of experience a couple of much newer members who fostered a competitive edge against which to pit my skills. Nine months after joining (2004) I was elected SAA and two months later was VPM as well. During that year I came under some notice from the Area Governor. I am not sure if my stand out was ability, or vulnerability, but Betty T’Hart implanted the district leadership seed into my mind. I was singled out to be an Area Governor in 2005.

In 2006 /07 my life was turned upside down as I prepared to be Convention Chairman for the Wit and Wisdom in the West convention. I always thought of it as the WWW. convention, but that never took off, instead people still remember it as “Lock it in”. After almost 18 months organising, then presenting a fantastic, fun, financially sound, and successful convention in Fremantle I felt I had earned the right to apply for my HPL.

In 2008 I was the inaugural Inner City Division Governor

In 2009 I was the inaugural Area Governor I44, and I remain the only AG to be Select Area Governor for I44. Now that Inner City Division has transitioned to Central Division that infamy will remain, the first, the last, and the only, successful AG in I44.

Although I competed in 2006 before accepting the Convention Chair role I grasped the only opportunity to ply my skills on stage and feel very proud of my International speech at District level 2010.

I have served every leadership role at club level except VPPR – most of them more than once.

All that aside I attribute my greatest feat in TM as the successful coaching role with Electric Toasters who in April 2009 told me they only had one member wanting to continue membership. I resurrected the club with 6 members one of whom was a founding member, had 10 members by June 2010 and 18 members by June 2011 – none of whom were dual members

I honour my DTM to my wife for her support, to my mentors for their belief in me, and to the clubs in which I have belonged, for their acceptance.

The transition from new member to DTM is not difficult: it is as simple as follow the Toastmaster process and promise. For your virtue, this award is a reward.

Second DTM

Ian Pickens received his award on September 23, 2014. Ian is a member of City of Perth.

It is exciting to achieve a second DTM. I do not claim this as personal success, but delight in the success of my toastmaster clubs that have supported and encouraged me to present speeches, continue my leadership aspirations, guide and mentor me as I guide and mentor you.

I could not achieve a DTM without taking very active roles in clubs, I have thoroughly enjoyed every meeting and opportunity offered by you. Now thanks to you I have two DTM awards.

As my clubs will tell you I most frequently present when there is a vacancy in the agenda. That is because I live by a mantra I collected from Craig Valentine. “Don’t get ready to speak – Stay ready”.

Presenting 40 speeches to 40 different objectives seemed impossible to me until I joined more than one club, then the world seemed to open up. Speaking and leading at a variety of clubs in a wide range of different situations has made those 40 speeches very achievable.

Now with your assistance I can offer advanced leadership and communication awards supporting the success of my clubs, and I tell you it feels so good.

I am a great believer in the toastmaster business plan designed to ensure members are actively assisted and offered chances to grow and develop. Of course this is the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

To make every one of my clubs distinguished I have had to be distinguished. To capture the most benefit from toastmasters I have had to be distinguished.

I thank my Presidents, committee members, and club members for your support and assistance without which I would not be awarded a Distinguished Toastmaster award.

Ian Pickens DTM