Club Officer Training 2017

5 Officers attended on February 9


Vice President Education Bill Kelly
President Ilija Jurin
Treasurer David Nicholas
Vice President Membership Eileen Tan
Sergeant at Arms Scott Woodhill

Why do our officers attend training?

For themselves

To increase their personal knowledge of the role

To meet other Toastmasters with the same role

To gain knowledge of further leadership options available in Toastmasters


For Victoria Quay

To carry out their club roles more effectively

To meet a Distinguished Club Program Goal for the club
This was our 10th and final goal
We are a President’s Distinguished Club with all 10 goals
We are one of only 40 Clubs among almost 14,000 clubs in the world to be a member of this special group.


When can you become a Victoria Quay Officer?

Toastmasters Fremantle Victoria Quay Logo

First you must be a member

Then you nominate for a role at the election for Officers for the period July to December 2017.

The election will be held on Wednesday June 7, 2017

These are the 7 roles

Vice President Education
Vice President Membership
Vice President Public Relations
Sergeant at Arms

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